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Branch Control

  No Control Only One Branch within the Tree Only One Branch within the Global Group
Branch Control Code 0 1 2
Expansion Control

Expose Item by #

Expose Item by Link

Get Selected Item

same as above, but with default expansion level set to 1

As you might have noticed, branch control fails to work when "expand all" button is pressed. The effect is logically intended.

Animation (Folder Open/Close)

To create the animation effect for folder opening and closing, use the following code inside the icon field of the tree.

<span class="JSCookTreeFolderClosed">Image for Closed Folder</span><span class="JSCookTreeFolderOpen">Image for Open Folder</span>


Custom Actions

I have not come up any good custom controls. But the idea is the same as the one for JSCookMenu demo, except that _cmNoAction is replaced with _ctNoAction and no _cmSplit is allowed.









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