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JSCookTree (v2.01) is a powerful tree script written in JavaScript to support themes. v2.0 is a complete re-write so that many functions demanded by v1.0 users are supported.

Note: v2.0 JSCookTree tree format is different from v1.0. For those who are interested in a small, fast tree script, I still have the version 1.0 JSCookTree available.

Note: I do know the problem of using JSCookTree on a huge tree w/ 300+ items. It can be quite slow. I will try to address that problem in the next version.


  • Supports relative positioning.
  • Supports different trees w/ different themes in the same web page.
  • Eases the tree creation process w/ a menu builder.
  • Supports fully or partially expanded trees.
  • Supports only one tree branch open at a time.
  • Supports the marking of particular node for rendering purpose.

All that, for free :D But please remember to keep that copyright and the license information in the script since I did spend a lot of time writing it. Any donation$, post cards and foreign coin/money/stamps would be greatly appreciated.


Download JSCookTree.js and theme zip files and put them into your HTML/JavaScript directory. Then change the paths in theme.js in each theme so that images can be loaded properly.

What's New

  • 2.01
    1. change Array.push (obj) call to Array[length] = obj. Suggestion from Dick van der Kaaden <dick@netrex.nl> to make the script compatible with IE 5.0. The tree script does work on Netscape 6.0.
    2. added ctGetSelectedItem (treeIndex) function due to demand
  • 2.0
    1. added controls over tree branches opening/closing
    2. added the ability to mark a specific tree item
    3. added an extra description field to make the tree format the same as JSCookMenu
    4. more control over themes. allow multiple trees w/ different themes co-exist in the same page
    5. tooltips
  • 1.01
    made more tolerant to extra commas
  • 1.0
    the first public release.


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