JSCookMenu Installation


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Step 1: Download JSCookMenu.js

  1. Go to the SourceForge download.
  2. Select JSCookMenu.
  3. Download the latest version and unzip the file to get JSCookMenu.js.

Step 2: Download Themes

  1. Go to the SourceForge download.
  2. Select JSCookMenu Themes.
  3. For each of the ThemeFile, select the lastest zip.

    Due to constraint of SourceForge file release system, I put different themes under different releases.

  4. Change theme.js in each theme to so that images can be loaded properly. Tons of people emailed me the problem that they saw a big red X in Internet Explorer on some themes. Well, this is the cause.

For Developers

To dynamically change the path in themes without doing manual modification of theme.js for a particular theme, say ThemeOffice, add the following script BEFORE loading the theme.js.

var myThemeOfficeBase = 'theme-image-path';

The variable name pattern is myThemeNameBase. ThemeMiniBlack doesn't have any required images so this part does not apply.


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